VCCP Winter Classic

2024 VCCP Winter Classic • January 26-28, 2024

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Show Information

Please follow the directions and complete all steps of this online registration form carefully.  There will be 2 rings again this year.  Two Rings, Two different Judges = Two shows, same weekend, and same location.  It is one entry fee and you get to show in both rings (A and B).  The option of only paying for one ring will not be available. Online credit card payment and online entry only.  All entries are due Thursday night 12 pm January 25th.  Please take advantage of sponsoring a class or division through this registration process to help cover operational cost and to promote your operation.

Breeding Heifers show on Saturday- Steers and Market Heifers on Sunday.  Prospect show only.  Cattle must be born no earlier than Jan. 1, 2023.  Check in on Friday evening for steers and Heifers and short check in on Saturday morning 7am-8am for steers and market heifers only.

Breed Division Head Requirements and Sponsorship
At least 10 head of either steers or heifers (each) of that breed are needed for a breed division in Ring A and Ring B or they will show in the AOB division.  Breed Divisions can be sponsored to guarantee your breed has a division for $299 for both rings if done online.  It will be $500 to guarantee a division if you wait until the show to do this.  This needs to be done online or as soon as possible to guarantee your division breakout.

**If your animal is not registered with a breed association, please enter as crossbred.  If you select anything other than crossbred the animal must be registered with that breed association, hold a Registration Paper, Reg. number and be properly tattooed.

Updates and Class line-up Calling
Updates will be made on VCCP winter classic Facebook page: .  Class Line up will be announced through the Band APP, VCCP Cattle Shows and Sales Page: .  Be sure to download this APP so you know when to come to the show ring.  Classes will also be posted on the VCCP Winter classic Facebook page and outside show office.

Health Papers and Registration Papers
**All Out of State Cattle need health papers.  Please have these readily available as the state Veterinarians will be in attendance checking for them.  Be sure if you have registered cattle, you have a copy of your registration papers (copy or original) and that your cattle are tattooed correctly.  Bring papers to check in.

Special VCCP Best of the Valley Steer and Heifer sale Steer/Heifer Class
If you purchased a calf from the Fall VCCP Best of the Valley sale, you can show in the special VCCP class for free and should take advantage of this special division.  The winner of this division will receive $1000 and Reserve $750. Please note, this special class will only show in ring “A” and the EID tag number will be required to enter.  VCCP sale calves are also eligible to double up and show in the regular show, ring A and ring B as well, but you will have to register that way by checking both options and pay the normal ring “A” and “B” ring prices.

Heifers and Market Heifers
Heifers and/or Market heifers may show in either the breed or market shows.  You can also double up and show in both shows- Breeding Heifer Show on Saturday and Market Heifer Show on Sunday.  Just be sure you sign up that way.

If you have questions, please call Clint Lyle – 540-292-5953 or J.T. Begoon 540-430-1716

Show Rules

  • Registration will be online soon.
  • No unethical treatment of animals!
  • All Market heifers and steers will be weighed
  • All animals need to have health papers (within 30 days) on hand with them at the show.
    All heifers are eligible to show in the breeding show and may cross enter into the market heifer show on Sunday with a Double Entry Fee due when entries are received.
  • Any heifer that is shown on Saturday and not entered on Sunday is free to leave the show grounds at the conclusion of her class and or Division Championship.
  • Health papers are required for out of state cattle only
  • Crossbred steers and market Heifers will be shown by weight.
  • Purebred Steers and heifers will be shown by age, and Purebred Heifers that will cross over into the market show must be weighed as well.
  • All cattle must be born after January 1, 2022 (no exceptions).
  • At least 10 entries (of each sex and breed) must be received to justify a breed class or show as AOB, and must be accompanied by the original/ copy of Registration Papers or will show as Commercial. Option: if there are not 10 cattle to have a breed class your family or farm can sponsor that breed for $250.00 to have the division and collect a banner and division money.
  • Barn stalling is first come, first serve – Marking off spaces ahead of time will not be allowed – signs will be removed.
  • No chutes will be allowed in Stalling Spaces or Tack areas. Aisle ways and other designated areas only, unless space permits after all cattle are in the barns on Saturday after 9:00 AM. Please abide to this rule. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Cattle may only be housed in the barns designated by the show committee only. No exhibitors may house or fit animals in any other buildings on the grounds unless pre-approval is obtained from the committee as a whole.


The following hotels are located close to the fairgrounds:





Information Request

Please contact us if you would like more information about the Best of the Valley Sale. The VCCP sends all information by email.

Please include your name, farm name, full address, phone number, your email address, and the type of information that you would like to receive from us. We will contact you soon after we receive your email, and thank you for your interest!

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